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How to Setup Google 2 Factor Authentication with Authenticator

Slashmail offers two factor authentication using Google Authenticator. This level of authentication provides an extra level of security for user logins (something you have and something you know).

Step 1: Setup and Install Google Authenticator at Google

Step 2: Go to 'Settings' and Configure Google Authenticator in Slashmail. Start with generating a secret.

Step 3: Choose some recovery words in case you lose your google authenticator or access. Pick something you will remember but something that is not easily guessed..

Step 4: Using your iPhone or Android device and the Google Authenticator app; scan the QR code to setup / link Slashmail with your app.

Once it is setup, your will be prompted for your Google Authenticator dynamic code (available in your app) after you login. You can click the checkbox to trust your computer for 30 days before asking again.